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Services access

You have to be authenticated on this portal to access challenges : you need to be authenticated on this site with the same IP address you use to play.

You can check your service access level here : Services state

Explanation for the scores

Ranks are a way of showing your position in the challenge. Ranks are calcuated from the points you have won. To gain point : complete missions !

Rank Image Minimum score
newbie logo newbie > 0
lamer logo lamer > 3300
programmer logo programmer > 6600
hacker logo hacker > 9900
elite logo elite > 13200


This criterion is defined in terms of personal investment that the player must provide to solve the challenge.

  #   Difficulty Description
Very easy First level of the challenge. 
Easy 2nd level of the challenge. 
Medium 3rd level of the challenge. 
Hard 4th level of the challenge. 
Very hard Last level of the challenge. 


Notes range is 0 to 5.

  • 0-0 > 4,5
  • 0-0 > 3,5
  • 0-0 > 2,5
  • 0-0 > 1,5
  • 0-0 > 0,5
  • 0-0 > 0

Account type

  • Admin
  • Premium
  • Redactor
  • Visitor
  • Waiting for validation
  • Cheater
  • Leaker

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Offres commerciales

  • Comptoir des talents

    The Talent Desk service is a special offer from Root-Me Pro which consists of connecting Root-Me players looking for jobs and/or training with professionals looking for new talent.

    By checking this box, you agree to be put in touch with Root-Me PRO customers and that they can access your professional information. The transmission of this data finds its legal basis in the consent given by you ticking the box provided for this purpose.

    Root-Me and Root-Me Pro have a strict personal data protection policy, the characteristics of which are explained on the following web page and of which you are expressly invited to take note.

    As part of the Talent Desk service (specific conditions of the Talent Desk Offer, which can be consulted on the following URL, the Recruiter, client of Root-Me PRO, acts as the receiver of the personal data entrusted by the Talent. The Recruiter becomes responsible for the processing of the personal data of the Talent.

    The Recruiter receiving the data undertakes to comply with all its obligations under the applicable regulations relating to personal data.

    In particular, if Root-Me Pro undertakes to inform the Talents of the recipients of their data, it is the responsibility of the Recruiter to communicate to the Talent concerned all the information required by the regulations relating to the protection of personal data