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ENSTA Bretagne

ENSTA Bretagne has delivered the title of engineer since it was created (in 1934). It is one of the oldest schools on which the reputation of this prestigious diploma, accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI ) was built (state body governing the quality and standards of French graduate engineering schools). Built on a legacy of training on its Brest campus since 1819, ENSTA Bretagne and its history go hand in hand with the history of engineering, industry, the arsenals and new technology in France.

GEOIDE Crypto&Com

Creator of proven products in the armed forces, NATO and major accounts, GEOIDE Crypto & Com offers cybersecurity products coupled with hypervision and decision support solutions. The combined use of innovative technologies and GEOIDE’s highly secure solutions enables to enhance the value of the data essential for the most critical decision-making.


Synacktiv is a company specialized in offensive security, founded in 2012 by several experts in the field. We recruit skilled people for our different teams: red teaming, reverse-engineering and development of offensive tooling. Synacktiv has a team of more than 55 security experts and 4 offices in France (Paris, Toulouse, Rennes and Lyon). Synacktiv has received the CESTI accreditation by ANSSI (French National Agency for Computer Security) and PASSI qualified.

NBS System

NBS System has evolved in the world of computer security and hosting since 1999. With nearly 3,000 sites managed to date, NBS System is the leader in hosting and outsourcing e-commerce & Magento Enterprise. Also an expert in computer security, the company has developed a private cloud of very high security called CerberHost.


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