The foundation

Root-Me is a non-profit organization which goal is to promote the spread of knowledge related to hacking and information security.


This association and its members are constituting a community where all the users can contribute and participate to the development of the website. We are a very open-minded organization that encourage an active participation, and we have set up various means to permit our users to get involved. We offer a publication system open to all permitting to post news, articles and other external resources to the website. We will try to maintain a relaxed atmosphere in order to allow everybody to learn and to participate in the best conditions. Here, the hierarchy doesn’t exist, we are all equal before science.

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We think that everybody must have a free access to every information. Hacking must not be a privilege. In this world where Internet growth with giant strides, everybody should be able to learn and to understand computer security. We offer you a free platform to allow you to train. It is therefore natural to ask some ethical questions. We consider hacking and its technique as a tool. It can be used beneficially (White-Hat) or harmfully and destructive (Black-Hat). We want to promote it as a weapon for social fight. Hacking is justified for fighting against oppression, inequality and censorship. Even if we don’t encourage illegal IT acts, we want to promote and show you a positive alternative to the Black-Hat hacking. Join our community!

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