CTF all the day

Improve your hacking skills in a realistic environment where the goal is to fully compromise, « root » the host !

You are facing a vulnerable environment into an internet network. You have to find out some vulnerabilities in the security system for penetrating it.

Games act as follow:

- Each player vote to choose a virtual environment
- Game start when all players are ready (one player minimum)
- Virtual environment to attack is available at ctf0X.root-me.org where X is the room number
- Games stop when someone uses the validation flag or when the maximum "woot time" is reached

Available rooms

Room Virtual machine chosen by players State Attackers count
ctf01 SamBox v1 running
Time remaining : 01:53:25
ctf02 LAMP security CTF6 running
Time remaining : 02:07:36
Maximus, Ziwy
ctf03 None waiting 0
ctf04 None waiting 0
ctf05 None waiting 0
ctf06 LAMP security CTF5 running
Time remaining : 03:45:10
ctf07 None waiting 0