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What is a noise-box ? It is a device you can attach to a victim’s phone line so that an abnormal amount of noise will be present on the line at all times, which would make data transmissions almost impossible and voice communications annoying, to say the least. So, now that you know what it is, let us go about the steps of building one.

Qu’est ce qu’une noise box ? Et bien juste un dispositif qui permet de créer un bruit très important sur une ligne téléphonique.

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- NOTE : This document was intended for informational purposes ONLY, the author and Phortune 500 do not endorse or support any illegal action presented here ; the only motivation for writing of this document is purely for educating the general public. Any actions by the readers of this paper will not be held responsible against the author and Phortune 500.

- Introduction :
So, that enemy has finally done it. They have really ticked you off so bad that you are going to get them back for it. I mean bad. Allright then, you have a mind-set for the noise-box then.

- Building/Installing A Noise-Box :
- Materials :
1 5k Potentiometer/10k Potentiometer 15 turn
1 1.0-1.5 uf Capacitor, non-polarized, 100vdc+
1 100 ohm, 1/2 or 1/4 watt resistor
2 Alligator clips
1 Beige box
1 Green base (closest to victim’s house)

- Procedure :
1) Solder one end of the capacitor to the middle lug of the pot.
2) Solder one end of the resistor to either remaining end on the pot.
3) Attach alligator clips on the other ends of the capacitor and resistor.
4) Go to the green base by the victim’s house.
5) Open the green base to expose the terminal block.
6) With a beige box, locate the victim’s line using ANI.
7) Remove the beige box and remember which terminal it was.
8) Take your noise box and hook the capacitor’s clip on the tip of the
victim’s terminal. (tip - left side)
9) Hook the resistor’s clip on the ring of the victim’s terminal.
(ring - right side)
10) Put the beige box back onto the terminal and press a digit. Listen
for any noise, and slowly adjust the pot until you hear the greatest
amount of line-noise. Stop adjusting the pot, remove the beige box,
and close the green base. You are done !

- Closing :
Pretty nifty, huh ? Well, I know there are easier ways of doing this, and I will experiment a bit to find the best combination, so you won’t have to go around adjusting pots and shit. Well, enjoy, and don’t go doing it around my house... hehehe

Doctor Dissector

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