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The Busy Box is the Simplest Box ever created. It is attached to the outside of the person’s house, in their telephone box. It Makes it So that When any Fone inside That house is Picked up, No dial Tone is heard, and no Calls can be Received, or Sent. This is Good for Lame BBS’s as They Tend not to call out much, and it will remain Undetected for a longer Period of Time.

La busy box permet de bloquer completement une ligne de téléphone que ce soit en émission ou en récéption (pour ce qui est des appels téléphoniques).

par g0uZ

- What do I need ?

A) One Phone Cord - 5 Inches or so
B) Alligator Clips (Optional)

- Wow ! That’s it ? Tell me More ! How do I set It Up ?

Well, Take your phone cord, and remove the Outer insulation. Now you should have 4 wires inside of it, Red, Green, Black, And Yellow. All you need for most things are Green and Red, so save those. Take either the Black or The Yellow and strip about 3 Inches with a wire stripper or a Knife. Now cut off 3 inches of Uninsulated wire and, voila, you have a really thin wire. Now, take this wire, and go to your neighbors back yard. Look for Their Power Box, Near it should be a small grey (or beige, or some ugly color) box with te Bell on it. Open this up (it should come right off, if not, use a 7/15 Hex Driver) Now inside you should find four more pegs. Look for the Pegs with
a Green or Red wire coming out of them. If you have a Beige Box, hook it up to Make sure there Is a Dial Tone. If therre is, Tie one end of your small wire to the peg with the Green Wire coming out of it, and another to the one with the Red coming out of it. Now use your beige box on it again, there should be no dial tone, and pressing buttons should be ineffective. Congratulations, you’ve disabled their fone line.

Something you might want to try is to make the small wire longer, and stuff it in to the back of the box where there is a jungle of wires, so it will be more unnoticable. The more discreet, the better.

- Some Pro’s and Con’s

- Very Effective
- Very Inexpensive
- Easy to Install

- Easy to Detect that there -IS- a problem
(No dial tone when receiver is picked up)

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