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Your challenge, should you choose to accept, is to gain root access on the server ! The employees over at Flick Inc. have been hard at work prepping the release of their server checker app. Amidst all the chaos, they finally have a version ready for testing before it goes live.

You have been given a pre-production build of the Android .apk that will soon appear on the Play Store, together with a VM sample of the server that they want to deploy to their cloud hosting provider.

The .apk may be installed on a phone (though I wont be offended if you don’t trust me ;]) or run in an android emulator such as the Android Studio (https://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html).

Temps de compromission

4 heures

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Résultats du CTF alltheday Résultats du CTF alltheday pour Flick 2

Pseudonyme Environnement Virtuel Nombre d'attaquant Date de début Environnement compromis en
- Flick 2 0 23 janvier 2019 to 16:50 -
- Flick 2 1 12 octobre 2018 to 13:26 -
dalifit Flick 2 1 2 octobre 2018 to 17:29 1h52
- Flick 2 0 17 juillet 2018 to 18:03 -
- Flick 2 0 27 mai 2018 to 13:18 -