Portal evolution: Root-Me v10

Saturday 23 November 2019

What has changed?

  • portal index has been updated and summarizes the differences between available account types :)
  • profile, score and statistics pages have evolved
  • your settings page now let you fill in an address and business information. It will help us distribute goodies for foundation members and also offer more formal interships/positions through offers brought by Root-Me Pro
  • skill badges are assigned when validating a challenge, creating a particular content or when contributing
  • a text field makes it possible to filter the list of challenges
  • the overall style evolves:
    • portal icons are now in SVG format
    • lightweight update of CSS styles
    • the new responsive design is now compatible with smaller screens

The backend also got its fair share of updates:

  • a Microsoft Windows challenge machine (!): challenge05.root-me.org
  • 20 new rooms in the CTF all day
  • dozens new virtual environment are available in the CTF All the day

Happy hacking 😉