Over three hundred hacking challenges available to train yourself.

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App - Script

16 challenges

Exploit environment weaknesses, configuration mistakes and common vulnerability patterns in shell scripting and system (...)

App - System

69 challenges

These challenges will help you understand applicative vulnerabilities.


34 challenges

Reverse binaries and crack executables.


44 challenges

Break encryption algorithms


25 challenges

Put your your digital investigation skills to the test by analyzing memory dumps, log files, network (...)


18 challenges

Networks challenges where you have to deal with captured traffic, network services, packet analysis, (...)


11 challenges

Automate tasks and build shellcodes.


31 challenges

Realistic challenges.


17 challenges

Whereas cryptography concern the art of secret, steganography is the art of hidding: the object of steganography is to (...)

Web - Client

19 challenges

At first you will be faced with problems that will require little to no knowledge of web scripting language. Pretty soon (...)

Web - Server

60 challenges

Discover the mechanisms, protocols and technologies used on the Internet and learn to abuse it!