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New: a CTF for the middle schools of the Academie of Versailles!

星期二 2023年5月9日

What better way to raise awareness among young people than to do it in a fun way by involving them in stimulating challenges! Invited by the Académie de Versailles, the Root-Me PRO team has created the challenges of the CTF "Hack for your college!" which will take place on:
📅 Friday, June 2nd.

Prerequisites : accessible to students from the Académie of Versailles.
🎯 Objectives:
 Introduce middle school students to cybersecurity as a complement to the school curriculum
 Stimulate their interest in this field
 To highlight the "cyber" professions for which there is a strong national and international demand
 To fight against the gender stereotypes too often associated with this field
➡️ How it works: the teams (maximum 5 students) will compete in a computer room in the school under the supervision of an adult. They will have to solve challenges on the subjects of programming, network, web, cryptography, etc. At the end of the tests, the best teams will be rewarded. 🏆

👉Registration open until 19 May 2023: