Premium access

Saturday 23 November 2019

Faced with the recurring demands from education and industry professionals, our community model had to evolve. The creation of the premium access meets these needs by providing innovative content that will benefit the entire community.

This paying access will provide more funding for challenges that are getting more and more complex and time consuming to create. The compensation model for the challenges is thus altered to tend towards a monetary compensation reflecting the amount of time spent by the members of the foundation when creating challenges.

These challenges will be accessible for a limited period (1 to 6 months) to Premium members only. When this exclusity period ends, the challenges will be made available for everyone.

Why did we do that? Here are some of the main benefits:

  • better rewards for contributors: as a foundation member you have the opportunity to submit new challenges and get paid for it.
  • create challenges incorporating recent attack techniques and requiring environments that are often expensive (in material resources, development, management, etc.).
  • offer more content and new features each month, thanks to the support of Root-Me Pro staff.