IRC channel information page
Port 6667
SSL Port 6697
Channel #root-me

IRC clients

There are a variety of clients available out there, here’s a small selection:

Chan rules

  • No flood
  • Don’t spoil challenges by giving partial or complete solutions
  • Be respectful of others: no insults
  • Avoid off-topic
  • No custom bots
  • No colors

Some useful commands

/me Allows the user to tell the others what he is doing at third person.
/join #channel Allows the user to join a channel channel.
/names Allows the user to list all the users connected to the channel.
/list Allows to list all the channels available on the server your are connected at.
/dcc Allows to send binary files to the network.
/help Allows to obtain all the commands allowed by the network and the RFC. For example /help cmd gives help for cmd command.
/wallops msg message Allows to send a message to all the users with +w mode.
/invite nick #channel Allows the user to invite someone on a channel (You must be operator of this channel).
/topic Allows to set a topic or to see it (You must be op to set one).
/part Allows the user to quit the channel.
/quit Shutdown the client.
/disconnect Allows the user to disconnect the server.
/exit Allows the user to quit the channel.
/whois nick Allows the user to have information about nick
/ping nick Allows to see if nick is up on the server.
/nick nick Allows the user to change his nickname.
/away reason Shows the others that you are away.
/ctcp nick ping or finger or version or time or userinfo or clientinfo Executes the CTCP request.
/msg nickserv register password email registers your current nickname on the IRC server.
/msg nickserv identify password authenticates your current nickname on the IRC server.
/msg nick message sends a private message to a user.

Nickname registration

As is usual on an IRC server, you may register your nick so that it is reserved to you.
To do so, use the NickServ service. Here are commands to learn more about nickname registration and authentication:

/msg nickserv help register
/msg nickserv help identify

Do note that the IRC server is independent from the Root-Me website.

Virtual host registration

Once authenticated to the server, you can request a custom virtual host to be displayed. To do so, use the following commands:

/msg hostserv request mon.vhost
/msg hostserv help request