IRC channel

Informations about the IRC channel. Chat online now with the webirc page

Port 6667
SSL Port 6697
Channel #root-me

IRC client :
- Web access
- Irssi
- Xchat
- Konversation
- mIrc
- ...

Chan rules :

- No flood
- No insults
- Don’t give challenge solution
- Respect and if possible no off-topic
- No custom bots

Some useful commands:

/me Allows the user to tell the others what he is doing at third person.
/join #channel Allows the user to join a channel channel.
/names Allows the user to list all the users connected to the channel.
/list Allows to list all the channels available on the server your are connected at.
/dcc Allows to send binary files to the network.
/help Allows to obtain all the commands allowed by the network and the RFC. For example /help cmd gives help for cmd command.
/wallops msg message Allows to send a message to all the users with +w mode.
/invite nick #channel Allows the user to invite someone on a channel (You must be operator of this channel).
/topic Allows to set a topic or to see it (You must be op to set one).
/part Allows the user to quit the channel.
/quit Shutdown the client.
/disconnect Allows the user to disconnect the server.
/exit Allows the user to quit the channel.
/whois nick Allows the user to have information about nick
/ping nick Allows to see if nick is up on the server.
/nick nick Allows the user to change his nickname.
/away reason Shows the others that you are away.
/ctcp nick ping or finger or version or time or userinfo or clientinfo Executes the CTCP request.