Discord server

Informations about the Discord server.

Invitation link https://discord.gg/wpk8xHr
Verification bot Root-Me#3551

Conditions for joining the server

- Have a Discord account whose email address is verified
- Follow the invitation link to the server
- Read and accept the server rules when you arrive

Procedure for obtaining the Discord role associated with your Root-Me account

- Let the Root-Me#3551 bot verify your account by sending it the following command by private message:

!verify YourApiKey

You will find your API key in your user settings.

Depending on your status on Root-Me (visitor, member of the association, premium ...), you will get the corresponding role on Discord, giving you access to certain channels and additional permissions.

Warning: this command contains your private API key, it should not be sent on a public channel of the Discord server but as a private message to the Root-Me#3551 bot. This bot is mentioned on the welcome channel.

Rules of the server

- Respect the Discord Community user charter. Have a correct attitude on the server.
- Respect the legal notices and the general conditions of use of Root-Me. No cheats, leaks, or illegal requests.
- No spam. Any advertising for an external service for financial or malicious purposes is prohibited.
- Be identified with your own Root-Me account. Your Discord nickname must be the same as on Root-Me and you must use your own API key for verification via @Root-Me#3551.

Please note: you can give whatever username you want to your Discord account, your nickname will automatically be changed on the Root-Me server to match your website nickname.

Some useful channels (non-exhaustive list)

#welcome welcome channel, mentions the verification bot and contains an explanatory message from the server
#rules Discord server rules channel, for all newcomers to the server to read
#roles description channel for the different roles used on the Discord server
#announcements channel where all news related to Root-Me are announced
#general general and international discussion channel
#support-staff channel to get support from Root-Me staff
#rootme-irc discussion channel synchronized with the #root-me channel on IRC