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  • bzybn bzybnum 1. August 2018 zu  10:30

    Cant connect to ssh for challenge ..

  • Whoami Whoamium 14. Juli 2018 zu  15:55

    Hello hacker
    I am Whoami and still at the beginning of hacking,
    I’m glad that I found this page here.
    Now I can certainly learn and understand more. :->

  • tavion tavionum 21. Mai 2018 zu  12:45

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen !
    i’m very happy to find this site !

  • Dim4 Dim4um 12. Februar 2018 zu  19:57

    SissySnake go to the irc and ask some help

  • m10x.deum 11. Januar 2018 zu  22:27

    which ctf challenges are the easiest?

  • DrDatenbank DrDatenbankum 7. September 2017 zu  22:08

    Hey Everybody; I really like this side, but I would really enjoy if you could add some Challanges that are Basic so you can learn everything you need right on this Side. That would be great! Thank you!

  • lol lolum 30. August 2017 zu  22:37

    Hello, I am at XSS Stored, I have written a js that sends the cookie to the server and stores it as a comment, how will the "admin" visit the site? i mean still nothing appeared...

  • Arod Arodum 17. April 2017 zu  17:32

    Small modification on the last Macho challenge. Get the new binary!

  • ultrasleepy ultrasleepyum 14. September 2016 zu  17:12

    Thank you very much for this site!

  • zomfg3000 zomfg3000um 2. Juli 2016 zu  16:34