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    I like the idea of everyone fitting into particular groups (like white hats, grey hats, and black hats), but I think people shift from one hat to another as time goes on, or as circumstances change.
    About responsibility : For me, my biggest apprehension in accepting the newer hacker culture is that we’re supporting an age of "penetration testers," and not an age of new hackers. The rich and deep culture that hackers experience may change so much that it will be unrecognizable. I mentioned to a coworker once that I was interested in computer security, or the lack thereof. He immediately got excited and said "Oh... you mean like kali linux." You can guess my expression. The majority of people new to hackerdom don’t know anything beyond a linux distro, and they’re missing out on the depth of the culture. So responsibility is great, but my opinion is that hackerdom is best seen in shades of grey.
    - x2600