Contributing to the association

The contribution to the Root-Me association is annual and helps us covering the costs of the platform and its infrastructure. You can review your contribution settings on this page.

The members of the association can contribute further to the platform and enjoy some specific perks:

Root-Me private access

Members of the association are automatically given access rights to the platform’s backend, until their annual contribution expires:

This access may be revoked at any time in case of privilege abuse (malicious content modification, score manipulation, ...) or non-compliance to the platform rules.

Solution validation

Members of the association can verify and publish the solutions written by others.

Here are a few guidelines to do so:

  • verify that the solution works
  • avoid redundancy (in the same language)
  • avoid scripts without explanations (except if properly commented)
  • proofread the syntax and spelling
  • avoid leaving the flag in cleartext
  • check the paging: use the <code> and <cadre> tags, with optional language selection such as <code class="python">

Anyone viewing a solution has at least a basic understanding of the challenge because they have validated it already. Thus, solutions are a great way to present alternate approaches or showcase useful tricks.
Don’t rewrite a submission. If the solution’s quality is too low, just refuse it.
You cannot access solutions to challenges you haven’t yet solved.
You may not publish your own solutions, have another member proofread and publish it.
Is is better to put a comment as a reason to why you refuse a solution.

Challenges testing

Members of the association can test challenges in the backlog that have not yet been published.

Challenges tagged "editing in progress" have not yet been reviewed.
Challenges tagged "submitted for evaluation" have been selected for beta-testing by the members of the association.


Members of the association are encouraged to moderate the chatbox.
That is not to say that any form of censorship is required but rather that useless, illegal or insulting content should be removed.

You can also apply for Discord moderation team.


  • Web site: your nickname will appear in orange on all pages
  • Discord: you get a role according to your root-me status, giving you additional channel access, permissions and an orange color nickname