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1 semaine以前 #

New Forensic challenge available!!

A new Forensic challenge has just been released on the RootMe and Root-Me Pro environments. 🕵️‍♂️ If you are new to this topic, this challenge is for you!

A big thank you to Manah for creating this challenge 👏!

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2 周以前 #

A new type of resource available for PREMIUM and Root-Me PRO users!

The objective: to provide you with a useful summary for understanding the concepts implemented within each challenge.
They include:
 A description introducing the vulnerability and its main characteristics
 A list of prerequisites detailing the knowledge and tools that can help to exploit the vulnerability
 A typical execution flow aimed at structuring the identification of the vulnerability
 The consequences of exploitation as well as the countermeasures that can be implemented
 Practical examples of an exploitation scenario and/or examples of vulnerable codes or configurations.
 Pointers to external resources related to the vulnerability (reference documents, blogs, documentation, etc.)

📍Where to find them? They are integrated on the challenge page.
About thirty of these sheets are already available, and many more are to come 🚀!

3 周以前 #

Get ready for the Stranger Case: the 100% OSINT CTF!

Organized by the students of ESNA Bretagne, the CTF Stranger Case is a unique event in France and exclusively OSINT oriented.

The second edition of this CTF will take place in two parts:
📆 27 May 2023 from 10:00 am: remote qualification phase.
📆 July 1, 2023: live final phase for the finalists, organised in collaboration with the HUNT of the Ecole de Guerre Economique - EGE and ...leHack.

Conditions to become an Agent 🕵️‍: the investigation is open to anyone interested in OSINT and digital investigation in general. Participation in teams (4 people maximum).

Teaser of the adventure 👀:

Are you ready for the Stranger Case? Recruitment is open here:

3 周以前 #

The Root-Me blog is online !

As you know, the spirit of Root-Me is SHARING. So we are very happy to announce the release of our blog 😊.
What will you find there?

- Documentations,
 CTFs write-ups,
 Articles related to cybersecurity,
 Interviews with our members:
because the strength of Root-Me is its community, we thought it would
be nice to share with you the particular stories of some of our members, whether they are beginners, have made a career change or are already experts....

A great way to get advice and inspiration from the Root-Me community! 🔥
💡 Check out the 1st interview with M4tou who launched this new format! He tells us his career transition into cybersecurity after a career as a marine navigation expert. 🧭 🚢

Find out all about it here:
[📝If you too would like to contribute, it would be a pleasure: contact us! => @Member section on the Root-Me Discord : ]

3 周以前 #

New challenges available!!

Four new challenges in the App-Script, Steganography and Cracking categories have just been published on the Root-Me and Root-Me Pro environments.

Many thanks to Nivram, LetMeR00t, Sengengie, Stealer, LordRoke and S01den for creating these challenges!

App Armor - Jail Introduction
PE x64 - UEFI Secure Boot

Have fun and good luck to you all! 🚩

3 周以前 #

New: a CTF for the middle schools of the Academie of Versailles!

What better way to raise awareness among young people than to do it in a fun way by involving them in stimulating challenges! Invited by the Académie de Versailles, the Root-Me PRO team has created the challenges of the CTF "Hack for your college!" which will take place on:
📅 Friday, June 2nd.

Prerequisites : accessible to students from the Académie of Versailles.
🎯 Objectives:
 Introduce middle school students to cybersecurity as a complement to the school curriculum
 Stimulate their interest in this field
 To highlight the "cyber" professions for which there is a strong national and international demand
 To fight against the gender stereotypes too often associated with this field
➡️ How it works: the teams (maximum 5 students) will compete in a computer room in the school under the supervision of an adult. They will have to solve challenges on the subjects of programming, network, web, cryptography, etc. At the end of the tests, the best teams will be rewarded. 🏆

👉Registration open until 19 May 2023:

3 周以前 #

leHACK comes back in 2023

leHACK is back from 30/06 to 02/07 2023 at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in the heart of Paris.
The event will take place this year over 2 days of conferences and workshops, as well as the wargame which will be held as always on Saturday evening.

Tickets for the HACK are on sale here

More info on

1 mois以前 #

New Web-Client challenges available!!

The sequel to a series of challenges well known to the community, the last of which dates back more than 10 years: "JavaScript - Obfuscation 6" has just been published on the Root-Me and Root-Me Pro environments 😱

The previous opus "JavaScript - Obfuscation 5" gave a lot of you a hard time. This one is also likely to give many more nightmares, the testers are already debating 😅 💀

A big thank you to n3rada for its creation👏 !

JavaScript - Obfuscation 6

Have fun and good luck to you all! 🚩

1 mois以前 #

Root-Me PRO is sponsoring Sthack 2023!

The Sthack was launched in 2011 by several cybersecurity enthusiasts who wanted to create a CTF in the Bordeaux region. Since then, the Sthack has become one of the major security events in Aquitaine. True to the friendly and unique atmosphere of this region, this event is held in a warm atmosphere. 🍷
📆 May 12 and 13, 2023
📍 The conferences will be held at La Cité du Vin, and the CTF at the salons of the Bordeaux town hall.

🗣 Conferences from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
🚩 CTF from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.
➡ The Bordeaux-based members of the Root-Me PRO team have a few surprises in store for those they meet on site and for the most valiant teams 🔥💪

More information on the event website, Twitter and Discord:

1 mois以前 #

2nd edition of the CTF Pwnme (School 2600 🏴‍☠️🇫🇷). 🏆 Cash prize 26 000 €

The challenges and the infra have been prepared for more than 6 months by the students and the CTF team of the École 2600, the Phreaks 2600.

Terms and conditions
4 participants per team.
Categories : Pwn, Reverse, Forensic, OSINT, Crypto and Web.

📅 Online from 5 to 7 May 2023. Open to all. The 12 best teams will be selected for the final.

📅 June 3 and 4 on the École 2600 campus (78) with surprise challenges.
📺 Cocadmin 🇨🇦🇫🇷 will be present for the final.

🙌🙌 Platinum Sponsors: Deloitte and ComCyberGend

🙌 Gold Sponsors: Synacktiv ✈️,, Randorisec 🐬, B!nalyze, Leanear, Patrowl & MISC

To register go to the Pwnme website.