17 March 2012

Solutions for challenges

You can now propose and / or consult solutions for each challenge:

- Everyone can see the solutions, those who have not validated the challenge will no longer be able to do so.
- Only those who have validated the chall can provide solutions.

NB: a solution describe a way among others to achieve the required goal.

Good training 😉

12 February 2012

New service :

A new service is available :

You’ll find a new wargame in an hardened environnemnt (ASLR, stack cookies, GRsecurity, etc.) with binaries to reverse.

Challenges are in the wargame section.

7 February 2012

Wargames modification

Wargame’s challenges are currently being modified. Each wargame’s level now corresponds to a challenge with a validation password.

These "new" challs will be automatically validated for those who already have passed them.

EDIT : scores migrated

31 January 2012

New VM for the CTF all the day

A new virtual machine is available in the CTF all the day : a LAMP server running Ubuntu Linux 8.04 distribution hosting a minimalist website powered by CMS typo.

27 December 2011

New ressource : webIRC

You can now access IRC channel via a portal’s page. This page works with the Mibbit’s IRC AJAX client.

Available there : webirc

22 December 2011

CTF all the day modification

CTF all the day is now available for single player. Others may join the current game and attack the same virtual machine. Your best compromission’s time are now recorded on your score’s page.

18 December 2011

Rank modification

The (re)caclul for assigning ranks is now automatic according to their number and the total number of available’s points. Today, distribution is:

- newbie > 0
- lamer > 500
- programmer > 1000
- hacker > 1500
- elite > 2000

check score’s page

16 December 2011

Registration with hotmail’s email

A technical problem beyond our control blocks the registration process with an email address like @hotmail.TLD: you do not receive the confirmation message. We are working on solving this issue. You can sign up with another address.

EDIT : problem fixed

8 December 2011

Wargame01 UP !

Service wargame01, formely wargame, is back in service. The following levels are available :

- shell
- binary


28 November 2011

New service :

A new service is available :

The aim is to bring Root Me service’s information together. You’ll also find a state for each service :

- UP, working
- DOWN, broken