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2 months ago

Medior Threat Hunter / Incident Responder

To support the development of the Telindus-CSIRT activities, Proximus Luxembourg S.A. is looking for a medior Threat Hunter and Incident Responder.
The Telindus-CISRT (Cyber Security Incident Response Team) is responsible for managing and responding to cybersecurity and computer security incidents originating from or targeting Proximus Luxembourg S.A. Autonomous System AS56665. This team is also responsible for responding to cybersecurity and computer security incidents internally for Proximus Luxembourg S.A and their clients by containing, eradicating the threat and recovering from security incidents to ensure a return to operational condition in the safely manner and protect them against new emerging threats. The Telindus-CSIRT is TI (Trusted Introducer) Accredited since March 2016 and an active member of the CERT.LU community.

As a Threat Hunter and Incident Responder, you will:
• Conduct host forensics, network forensics and log analysis in support of incident response engagements
• Stay up to date with new trends in Tactics, Techniques and Procedures used by attackers.
• Stay up to date with new vulnerabilities to protect Proximus Luxembourg and its customers.
• Develop your “purple mindset” by participating to adversary emulation missions to evaluate customers posture against current threat actors.
• Proactively search for cyber threats operating undetected on customers’ network.
• Help our customers to be prepared to limit the impact of a security incident and recover from it.
• Act as Tier 3 for the Telindus-CSIOC (Cyber Security & Intelligence Operations Center)
• Collaborate with the Telindus-CSIOC to develop new use cases covering new threat actors TTPs.
• Building, maintaining, and upgrading computer forensics hardware and software in the Telindus-CSIRT Forensics lab
• Be part of the exciting journey of developing CSIRT activities, participating and sharing knowledge with the infosec community.
• Share Telindus-CSIRT activities via social media such as the Telindus blog and Telindus-CSIRT twitter (@TelindusCSIRT).

• Ability to work in a team, communicate with clients, and deliver quality analysis and deliverables
• 2+ years hands-on experience in cyberdefense with a focus on digital forensics and incident response activities.
• You have some experience on one or more of the following domains:
o Intrusion analysis
o Incident Response and Forensics
o Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering
o Threat Hunting
o Cyber Threat Intelligence
o Scripting (PowerShell/Python)
• Social, verbal and written communication skills; ability to present complex topic to a variety of audiences
• Ability to share on-call periods, unplanned remote and onsite response efforts
• You are motivated, curious and eager to learn new things and to stay up to date with new trends in Tactics, Techniques and Procedures used by attackers.
• Good English and French communications skills, both verbal and written.
• GIAC or other relevant industry certifications are a plus.

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Application criteria

  • Minimal score : 100 pts

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