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vendredi 11 octobre 2019, 19:36  #1
In need of beginner "Tools"
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Hello Root Me community, since cyber security is something that I find interesting I decide to sign up but unfortunately from looking at the challenges, even the ones considered easy, I have a hard time understanding most if not all of it.As such I would like to know if any of you are aware of any helpful beginner tools for starting to break into the world of not only cracking but programming in general.
All help is appreciated thanks in advance.
//From scouring the website a bit more A beginner help section was found, anyways all other informational stuff is appreciated

vendredi 1er novembre 2019, 15:19  #2
In need of beginner "Tools"
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Welcome Blav ! There are lots of resources to choose from but I found books by No Starch Press to be most helpful. They actually have a bunch on sale from right now covering Linux and BSD systems ($15 USD for a bunch of e-books).
As for beginner programming, I found Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes the best introductory book. If you want help on cracking challenges, Practical Binary Analysis by Dennis Andriesse is great and he walks through a CTF in chapter 5. I also strongly recommend you learn general computer architecture as this is critical to solving most cracking challenges. Hope this helps !