Sunday 2 August 2020, 07:02  #1
Cracking - ELF MIPS Basic Crackme
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Hi all,
I do not know, how many days it has been to get this task make itself moving from my list of challenges. Now as you guess i have done again and again several things:
As i have seen, that it is being interpreted by uClibc, so i decided to download it and compiled for mipsel architecture with given kernel headers. No problem. Good... But after i installed it properly and run the binary, i have seen that TLS is not supported. Following question:
I compiled the uClibc with and without this support. How could you guys get around this problem and do the challenge. How could you run the binary ?
I wish i were an angel,
i wish i were you,
Thx for having a nap
before i come back, 😇

Friday 21 August 2020, 22:25  #2
Cracking - ELF MIPS Basic Crackme
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Good question.
Im stuck too with running the binary. I think Ill just overlook the binary and recompile the ghidra code to a Linux x86 ELF to see what happens.

Tuesday 22 September 2020, 16:31  #3
Cracking - ELF MIPS Basic Crackme
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You don’t need to run it, it can be done statically. Think about loops & how the stack is assembled 😉