Thursday 10 October 2019, 14:14  #1
Forensic Multi-Devices
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I’d be grateful if somebody could help me to start this challenge

I’ve found multiple packets with leftover data:
intro (Hi, try to find my secret 🙂...)
jpeg image
few compressed or distorted packets (Ar e a d m...)

First of all, I tried to extract some data from image, but it looks like nothing is stored there (exif, stego, raw hex bytes)
I think zip password stored in distorted packets but I don’t really know how to extract it
Any hint would be a great help

Thursday 10 October 2019, 19:37  #2
Forensic Multi-Devices
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I must confess that I am not a fan of this initial part of the challenge. I was at the same point as you and almost gave up on it. The 7z password is not in the packets. Look elsewhere. And do not complicate. It is as simple as it can be (I am serious, it can not be any simpler).

Thursday 10 October 2019, 22:42  #3
Forensic Multi-Devices
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Thanks, it was so simple, so I guess I’d have never found it out without hints

Wednesday 25 March 2020, 14:10  #4
Forensic Multi-Devices
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I’ve just succeeded first part and indeed it was pretty much guess work, thanks a lot nonstandardmodel ;)

Saturday 27 June 2020, 09:36  #5
Forensic Multi-Devices
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what could the password be about guys? I think I will just bruteforce it damn it