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mercredi 8 août 2018, 11:15  #1
Network - DNS Zone transfer ?
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I’m having a hard time with this challenge.

I have read a lot about DNS zone transfer and watched a lot of youtube, and think I understand the basic about it - but I can’t figure out this challenge

I have tried stuff like :
host -t ns ch11.challenge01.root-me.org /did not work
host -t ns challenge01.root-me.org /did not work

host -t ns root-me.org /gave me some nameservers

root-me.org name server ns200.anycast.me.
root-me.org name server dns200.anycast.me.

/these ones did not return any information
host -l root-me.org ns200.anycast.me.
host -l root-me.org dns200.anycast.me.

I have also tried the ch11.challenge01.root-me.org server without getting any information.

Anyone who can help me ?

jeudi 9 août 2018, 15:42  #2
Network - DNS Zone transfer ?
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Remember that the DNS server is not listening on the standard port of 53, it is listening on 54011...

vendredi 10 août 2018, 16:12  #3
Network - DNS Zone transfer ?
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Thanks. But I haven’t figured out how to select which port to use. But I guess that’s a hit to me :)

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