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vendredi 22 septembre 2017, 06:54  #1
Web - Server - SQL injection numeric
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I can successfully get an injection into the DB, get common columns for table users however I cannot seem to retrieve any data using SQLmap. Here is the relevant output :

[... spoil detected ...]

How can I successfully exploit this ? I dont need to dump the entire db as I only want the passwords column in the users table and can’t seem to force sqlmap to enumerate the contents.

dimanche 25 février 2018, 18:14  #2
Web - Server - SQL injection numeric
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Same problem for me I am not able to retrieve columns from tables. I searched a lot in Internet but I am not able to find the problem. Has somebody a solution for the problem ?

vendredi 14 septembre 2018, 14:37  #3
Web - Server - SQL injection numeric
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I had a really hard time with this one. Apparently SQLMap doesn’t help you with this ?