dimanche 10 novembre 2019, 13:16  #1
I cannot connect to challenges
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Hi everyone,

I know there is a a FAQ ( with the specific topic "I cannot connect to challenges" that explain that you need to be logged in to play.
I know that the authentication system use a firewall that should whitelist your IP address when you are logged in (and let you in)
I checked the services state and all are wonderfully up all the time (bravo to the admin)

But still, I cannot connect to challenges.
One thing i remarked is that it works properly (i can connect to challenges) when i am at work but not when i am at home.

- It’s may be because at work we have a professional router connected by Optic fiber to the Internet provider and may be a fixed public IP adress (i don’t know). And at home i’m using a simple 4G Modem.
- It that’s the case, how could i fix the problem to get access from home ?

Thank you,

dimanche 10 novembre 2019, 16:42  #2
I cannot connect to challenges
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Maybe your 4G router changes public IP very frequently. If you are logged in but the challenges prevent you from accessing SSH, refresh the page. Access authorization takes only a few seconds to complete.

But I’ve already had similar problems being in 4G on my phone.