samedi 13 juillet 2019, 15:28  #1
Enigma Machine
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The ciphertext above contains non-english letters. However, the description says that the text is in english. Is there something wrong ?

jeudi 18 juillet 2019, 07:24  #2
Enigma Machine
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When I view the code, I do not see any non English letters. Perhaps it is your computer rendering the non-English letters ?

samedi 17 août 2019, 16:55  #3
Enigma Machine
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Everything NOT in the uppercase alphabet (A-Z) ist just left untouched as it ist and not encrypted...

samedi 9 mai 2020, 04:08  #4
Enigma Machine
Mihai Lazar
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I have been stuck for a long time in this challange, can some one give a tip on were to start ? I tried to search for the key list of the date, use de FLAG as a part of the plug and many other things, used the program Enigma M3 crack and I cant get the awnser.