samedi 13 juillet 2019, 12:59  #1
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I can not decrypt the zip file.
What kind of approach do you need ?
Please give me a hint.

samedi 13 juillet 2019, 13:11  #2
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I’ll be vague in my answer to avoid spoils for others.

To get to where you are, you’ve probably used a tool on a file specific to MacOS. This tool is currently broken and didn’t give you all the information it could have. Either look at the source and fix it, or search the project’s github.

samedi 13 juillet 2019, 13:37  #3
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I confirm what das said, but I must add that it is possible to get to the zip file without using the "broken" tool. If you do not know what tool/file das is talking about you should go back to the beginning. It is not hard and there are a lot of hints all over the place. Do not try to brute-force the zip password. You will not be successful.

vendredi 19 juillet 2019, 13:30  #4
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I’ve been able to get to the zip file but can’t seem to find a way to decrypt it.
I used 3 different tools to get to the file and even after searching the different github repositories.

Is it possible to pm me to check if I am at least in the right direction ?