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mercredi 30 janvier 2019, 14:11  #1
Steganography : dot and next line
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can anybody help me how to solve this dot and next line problem of staganography.

lundi 4 février 2019, 00:57  #2
Steganography : dot and next line
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I am beating my brains out here too.

jeudi 30 mai 2019, 12:15  #3
Steganography : dot and next line
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The answer to your question, remains in your question itself. ( dot and next line)

samedi 13 juillet 2019, 04:16  #4
Steganography : dot and next line
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Don’t listen to these people who are saying that the answer is in the title "dot and next line" !!!
It is not !
After very very long time of beating and burning my brain I solved this challenge and I can tell you that the title is actually confusing you a lot.
If you follow the dots and check the next lines, you will never get the solution :)
I can’t tell you the solution, but I can give you a hint : "It’s about the dot’s, but not the next lines..."

dimanche 28 juillet 2019, 16:01  #5
Steganography : dot and next line
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5 days to solve it...
I tried to reverse colours, rename file extension, put zoom to 400% and rìsearch every pixel, open the image with text editor ecc ecc ecc...
I translated the french forum with google translate and i found the right sufìggestion that in the english forum is missing.

jeudi 1er août 2019, 23:43  #6
Steganography : dot and next line
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Hi guys,
I’m stucked at this challenges and I barely understand what you put on your comments. Any hints for a newbie in steganography ?

thanks :-)

mercredi 7 août 2019, 16:30  #7
Steganography : dot and next line
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This challenge is terrifying.
I got stuck for a looooong time.
I can help you with a summary of the help posted on french forum.
That are quote of user called IrregularCoder

1) You don’t need to use any software
2) If you can not see the solution, raise your head to the sky.

Good luck